World of Warcraft: Relaxing

Leu and Turbo hanging out in Orgrimmar

Babble`s Amnesia

Babble`s amazing YouTube series where he plays Amnesia and other scary games.

World of Warcraft: Mounts

Our Cataclysm heroic dungeon meta-achievement volcanic drakes!

Minecraft: New BombSquadia

The Bomb Squad Minecraft survival server!

World of Warcraft: Raiding

Dancing druids during Heroic Dragon Soul progression.



Please see the chat section of our forums for important information.

Spam (not the weird “food” product)

I’ve had an influx of spam registrations over the past couple days, so to protect privacy and keep me from raging at internet people, I’ve closed registration. If someone wants to register, just message me on Steam (or find someone else who can message me if you don’t have my name), I can take care of it then no problem.

Ryan Davis’ Passing

If you have not gone to, please do so now, we lost one of the great ones. I am shocked and saddened by this news and I can not express how strongly my heart goes out to his widow.

I will miss you Ryan.

Sad Bradey

It’s Time

After two years of holding the same core members, Bomb Squad as we know it has ended. Most of us knew it was coming and had already prepped for it so hopefully it wasn’t too much of a shock.

Troidy, Crunk, Galv, Babble and Cola have all let; or are letting, their subscriptions lapse and the most recent news from Ayida is that her time is coming too. This leaves us with only a whisp of what was the once mighty Bomb Squad.

With all of this I made the choice to suspend raiding activity, but leave Bomb Squad active for the Giant Bomb community to level in. I will continue to be on regularly, so if you ever get the bug to play, know that it and I are there.

On a final note, since the guild will continue to go on, if you don’t plan on coming back please consider depositing your gold and valuables in the guild bank, it could be still used for some good down the road or at least get me some hookers and blow.

However not everything needs to end. This is what this site was created for, and I hope that we will be able to jump from game to game together and continue to have fun and joke around.

Here it is to Bomb Squad, you were fun. See you again when the next expansion hits.

Civilization V Group

I had a great time last Thursday playing Civ V with you guys (even with the game crashes and other normal Civ V jank) and we have set up another date for this Thursday.

We have two AI with us, and if anyone new wants to join in just let us know and you can drop into one of their civs!

For further information or discussion, please visit our Civ V group forum thread in the forums.


New Minecraft Server

Due to Phoenixerve (Formerly Brohoster) going out of business I had to change the server for our Minecraft world.

Troidy recommended Minecraftservers and for more RAM, more slots and a better back end I ended up paying less!

The server is up and you can find the IP in the Minecraft forums.

At this moment once its started on their end it will be a new world set to all default settings. I wont be able to move the world over to it until later. This also means no whitelist at the moment so it should be interesting.

Another issue at the moment is that it seems to not allow me to install custom mods (there is a preapproved list of mods I can choose from), so the elevator signs will at the moment not function in our world.

Let me know if there are any issues with it, and I’ll start figuring out how to get the ONE mod we have put into the thing.


Already figured out the signlift addon issue and it is installed on the server. So all you need to wait for is for me to move the world over.

Site Overview

Hi all! Hopefully you’ve read Az’s welcome message (if not, it’s right below this, so go there and read that first). This is just to give you a quick overview of what you have on this site and where to find stuff.

On the side of this main page you can see a calendar of events and our Mumble info. More importantly, just above those is a login box. You need to register to use the rest of the site. The registrations will be monitored, so make sure to use a name we’ll recognize.

Once you register, you’ll be able to see some more links up at the top of the page above our sweet logo. There are forums, a full version of the calendar, and a basic group chat page. If you have problems or questions just go to the feedback thread in the forum and I’ll try to take care of stuff.

Enjoy! \o/



Hello everyone!

Over the last several years I have found myself making friends playing a game that I would count closer to me than some of my real life acquaintances. This game of course is World of Warcraft, and the reason for us coming together was our guild, Bomb Squad.

As with many things, decay is setting in. The guild that brought us together is in a state of flux, and as I have known in previous guilds and clans, when they shut down, you lose contact with everyone that you knew because of that thing.

I refuse to let this happen.

With the help of Ayida (or really with me taking care of the hosting and Ayida doing everything else) I have spawned forth a portal for us to always stay in touch, commune about things we find interesting and hook up in new games, old games, and maybe sometime, real life.

This site is for the friends that came out of Bomb Squad, not the guild itself. I plan on using it constantly and hope you will too. Do not hesitate to bend it to your will and come up with new ways for us to connect through it and keep having the same brand of irreverent fun that has gotten me through some dark times in my life.

Thank you guys and gals,